About us

Who We Are

Gosul.ph is proudly a FILIPINO company based in Davao City that understands every Filipino household’s hopes to be provided a proactive and a bespoke LPG delivery service that exceeds their expectations. As an organization, Gosul.ph focuses in providing topnotch products and services to every Filipino through our innovative systems and programs,
as we remain true to our promise of “You Call. We Deliver. Like No Other!”

Aggressive in promoting our services and programs, Gosul.ph aims to reach every household in Davao City that they may enjoy the best customer experience possible. We are committed to each and every one of our customers, because it is for them and through them that we are in this business.

We are an organization you can always trust, and we will never let it be compromised.

Changing the Landscape of the LPG Delivery Service

Gosul.ph will consistently introduce more advanced and customer-friendly processes ahead of our competition. This includes the shift to website and application-based ordering of products, introduction of innovative products and solutions to meet every household need, and unmatched professional service from delivery,
installation and maintenance of our customer’s cooking system.

Acknowledging the fact that LPG Delivery Service is at a passive state, Gosul.ph aims to change the landscape of this industry. Proactive is the word that best describes our mindset. We are in for the best customer experience. We are not as any other LPG retailer or trader that you see or may know. We are and will be different.

Innovative, customer-focused and locally competitive, Gosul.ph is harnessing all its energies to become the leading force in the LPG Delivery Service industry for the years to come.

We know that you want a trusted & most reliable delivery service for your LPG.

We also know that you probably prefer to deal with local people, who are trained well to cater to your LPG needs anytime & everytime.

We get that!

You Call. We Deliver. Like No Other!

This is not just a slogan to us. it is our way of doing business. We want to provide each one of you, an experience that you will enjoy as an appreciation for putting your faith in us.


We aspire to be our customer’s top of mind, partner of choice for the delivery, supply and service needs of LPG Cooking Gas, recognized for our excellent service & operational standards.


To achieve our Vision, we continuously aspire to improve our service to our customers with high quality, well priced & maintained LPG products, whilst leading in trustworthiness and realibility for long term sustainability.